Koichi Noguchi

 Along the Mukogawa River in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo College of Medicine was founded by Dr. Shigeki Morimura in 1972. With Dr. Morimura’s three founding principles of our school "Service for the Welfare of Society, ” “Deep Love toward Humankind,” and “Profound Scientific Understanding of Human Beings,” we have trained and produced 3978 finest clinicians, medical researchers, and medical policy experts. They are currently active as professional medical staff in core positions in the field of community health care and contribute greatly to the improvement of health, medical services and welfare in the surrounding areas—Kobe, Nishinomiya, and Osaka. In addition, 1111 Doctors of Medicine have graduated from our school and these include numerous renowned researchers who are gathering worldwide attention. We continue to cultivate skilled health care professionals and send out the excellent fruits of our research capabilities into the world.

 We are proud of the refined and carefully-reviewed 6-year curriculum of medical education, which has resulted in consistent high success rates of the National Examination for Physicians. Our faculty is passionate about medical education, research, and health care. To those of you who aspire to become physicians with true ability and humanity, I heartily urge you to knock on our door, for it is our college's mission to fulfill your aspirations.

* All the data in this site was arranged at 2009.