Basic Educational Policies

Today three major reforms are being introduced in response to changing trends in medical education: a model core curriculum, nationally standardized testing, and clinical clerkship. In response, Hyogo College of Medicine has adopted a new curriculum and implemented the four basic educational policies. HCM aims to train researchers who will contribute to advances in medicine and treatment, as well as medical professionals who will respond to Japan’s diverse needs for healthcare services. In addition, the new Medical Education Center provides valuable assistance for students in their studies.


An Educational System to Encourage Self-Study and Foster Problem-Solving Skills

educationHCM emphasizes learning in which the student acquires new knowledge through independent effort. Small-group tutorials are one example. By approaching problems and finding solutions on their own, students gain the ability to learn independently. A self-reliant approach is key to absorbing new medical knowledge and acquiring the ability to diagnose and treat patients appropriately in a clinical setting.


A Cutting-Edge Research System to Explore the Latest Medical Advances

reserchOur mission as an educational institution in the rapidly advancing medical field is to train specialists as educators and researchers. Hyogo College of Medicine performs training and research through the Graduate School of Medicine, Institute for Advanced Medical Sciences, Research Facility for Common Use, and Laboratory Animal Facility.


An Advanced Clinical Setting for Studying Integrated Diagnostic and Treatment Approaches

clinical practiceClinical practice at Hyogo College of Medicine takes place at the College Hospital, which specializes in advanced treatment, and Sasayama Hospital, which is mainly a primary care facility. Students experience patient treatment first-hand continuously from their first year at HCM. Dealing with today’s diverse healthcare needs demands much sophisticated knowledge, a deep understanding of the patients, and a good teamwork with the rest of the medical staff. We aim to motivate students with an awareness that their career as a physician begins with admission to HCM.

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