Providing an advanced healthcare environment, supporting the development of a new generation of good doctors.

hospital director Chikara Tashiro M.D. , Ph.D.

 Hyogo College of Medicine Hospital provides medical care to approximately 20,000 inpatients, including about 10,000 surgical operations, and services about 2,200 outpatients per day. We comprise 35 highly specialized medical treatment departments plus the Emergency Center and 26 medical treatment centers/facilities, including the Cancer Center. As a result, we provide a wide variety of highly refined treatments that meet international standards and first-rate advanced medical treatment. We aim to maintain good relationships between hospital staff and the patients and practice medical treatments which fully engage the patients.  We work to prevent situations such as when the doctor sees the disease but is blind to the patient, and practice medical safety while promoting patient communication and understanding.  To offer safety and reassurance, with treatments that fully satisfy the patients, it is necessary not only to “cure” the disease but also give “care” to the patients, and provide “total human care” as a team in which doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other co-medical staff work together in cooperation.  Acquiring medical knowledge and skills is crucially important, but we also place a special emphasis on learning “total human care” as a part of medical education. We look forward to your participation in our well-rounded educational program that features real-world experience in our facilities and clinical practice from an early stage.

hospital director Mitsuyoshi Namba M.D. , Ph.D.

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