Providing an advanced healthcare environment with teamwork approach by a variety of medical experts


hospital director Masafumi Sakagami

Hyogo College of Medicine Hospital has provided medical care to 302,515 inpatients and 10,200 surgical operations per year and has serviced 2,180 outpatients per day.


The hospital comprises 41 highly specialized clinical departments and 29 medical centers including the Cancer Center, and the Medical Center for Emergency and Critical Care.


We offer various kinds of refined medical treatments that meet international standards under the teamwork approach by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technical experts, medical students, and office staff.


We aim to maintain good relationship between patients and hospital staff, and practice treatments which fully engage the patients.


To offer safety and reassurance with treatments that fully satisfy the patients, it is necessary not only to “cure” the disease but also give “care” to the patients with the teamwork approach.



Hospital director Masafumi Sakagami, MD, PhD